Friday, August 02, 2002

Views on Homosexuality in the "Black Community"
From my observations locally, and in national cultural elements, I think the "black community" has more hostility towards homosexuals than the mainstream community. Locals examples can be seen with 1230 the Buzz's Emanuel Livingston's bigoted comments against homosexuals, as well as whites. Jay Love and Shawn Darks are prejudice against homosexuals, not as bad, but close. I can only guess that this trend that is out there rests on the high level of fundamentalist or strict religious belief in the "black community" than in the mainstream community. It is an odd trend that I can't explain any other way. The odd marriage of Stonewall Cincinnati and the boycott movement is a good example. The background disgust in this marriage is heavy on the religious side of the boycotters. I guess they don't mind holding their noses.

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