Monday, September 02, 2002

Group takes on 'uncool' Cincy
I am under 40, and I have no problem with the "things to do" in this city. We do lack communication. We have no good web communities or websites to build upon, mine excluded of course. We need cyber caf├ęs, and places not geared toward the suburbanite with 2.2 kids. We don't have little local media to report on much of anything. The local media are built for families and old people. If you are under 40 not married, and have no kids, you are as good as dead to the local media outlets. The city is way to family focused, and when I say family, I mean the bland Leave it to Beaver family that suck the life blood out of any intellectual idea, because anything that a 3 year old kid can’t experience is considered to be a danger to the community. When the most influential media outlet is one geared towards 40 to 50 year old family men, you know you are going to have a beer can and quilt community. We have things to do in this city, and plenty of people to partake in them, but we are shielded from them, and we have no way to think beyond our own back yards.

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