Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Twitty Indicted By Grand Jury
Based on the evidence made public or reported by the media, this was a no-brainer. Twitty's case does not look good. He will have to cop a plea.

Listening to 1230 the Buzz I can only just sit in shock at level of racism, the level of ignorance, and the level of acceptance of conspiracy by the mostly black callers. People view this as part of some religious or grand movement in which they are at battle for their "race." This just drives every person with any level of honesty and sense of reality into a funk of "huh?" The same mindset seems to have taken root as did for the OJ Simpson verdict. I just do not get this group mentality. This extreme type of an "us vs. them" attitude is common in humans, but is rarely more strongly used along racial designations.

Speaking of OJ Simpson, I do have some suggestions for Twitty's defense team. These are some good slogans to use in the closing arguments of the trial, if it gets that far.
1. If you did not see the crash, you cannot give him the lash
2. Even with the cement, he must be innocent
3. Because he is black, you must assume he's under attack

They may not work, but they fit the spirit of where this trial is headed.

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