Wednesday, October 02, 2002

CityBeat: Piling On
Did the Owensbys’ attorneys write this article or did Leslie Blade? I really do not like this kind of "journalism." This is advocacy "journalism." The supposition espoused by the comment of "police ambush" is not only inflammatory, it is crass sensationalism. I can understand discussion of this case and the many problems with the testimony of the individuals involved, but to create a conspiracy, best left to the antics of delusional boycotters, is a clear sign of prejudice. An assumption has been made and made and made again no matter what the police and prosecution say. When people make baseless claims against Mike Allen that are ludicrous to anyone with an ounce of objectivity, I do not think facts or realities matter.

As a sidebar issue I must conclude that this article is strongly tainted with progressive populism. This is the political philosophy, as I have phrased it, which most would just call the far left or radical left. Conservatives would just call this liberalism. Since I am a liberal I can tell you this is not liberalism. I am working on a general set of definitions of political ideologies, which I will eventually post. Please don't wait with baited breath.

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